Fall Pine Cone Flowers ORIGINAL on 12-inch stems. ONE | Etsy

Painted Pine cone flowers in pretty fall colors, ONE DOZEN, the ORIGINAL, not a copycat. High-quality, many two-toned colors, on 12-INCH, green, wood stems. A mix of cones. Vase not included. Most average about 2 to 2-1/2 inches.  The long White Pine cones average about 3-5 inches.  Autumn decor. Makes a pretty centerpiece, alone in a vase or in an elaborate display. Pine cones from the upper peninsula of Michigan. Not for out in the weather. ALSO SEE: Loose cones in these same colors... www.etsy.com/listing/469346535/fall-pine-cones-painted-pretty-fall ALSO SEE: "Pine Cone Decor" section and "Wedding, Special Occasion" section for other Pine cone colors and sparkly cones. PROCESS: I wanted to include this to give a better idea of what goes into making these.  It takes much more time, paint, and cost than most realize.  First, they have to be searched for and picked up.  They have to be inspected and sorted and have the seeds, fern pieces, and grass brushed out.  Scales that have a splintered edge have to be trimmed, and cut down ones are done by hand with cutters. They take at least four coats of paint.  I use the cones and sizes available to me here in the UP of Michigan.   INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING on request.